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Bob Sutton


Thanks, that quote is fantastic


Kevin Rutkowski

Your introduction reminded me of one of my favorite quotes about incentives.

"Treat monetary rewards like explosives, because they will have a powerful impact whether you intend it or not." -Mary and Tom Poppendieck, authors of Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash

Christine Ellen Goepfert MD

Interesting. But, believe me, you surely would NOT like to be treated by any physician who ONLY goes for evidence-based medicine. You would like to have a doctor who has excellent knowledge, excellent skills, a lot of experience, who is smart and open-minded AND incorporates evidence-based medicine in your treatment.

George Lehman

I agree with the basic argument that is being made. However I would like to challenge the Intuition-Evidence dualism that is embedded in the argument. It seems to me that many times we face decisions for which there is no clear evidence. In these situations we need to develop our ability to effectively tap into our experience base that often makes itself known in the form of a hunch rather than as a rational argument.

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