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Erich Lagasse

I think the rule can be difficult to enforce in smaller companies where people who helped build the company have consolidated a powerful position. There are a few tips that you can implement to all team members, however, to tame their egos. We recently wrote about this to help people be better team players. - Erich


I'm just wondering who "polices" the rule if a company adopts it. I mean what if the asshole(s) get the job of deciding who's an asshole? or, what if the boss is an asshole but understands enough about human nature - is enough of a narcissist - to adopt the rule so he looks good but then applies it selectively?


Amen to your last sentence!

Alain Castonguay

I've just end reading your book (French translation). It was funny to read chapter 6 three days after Steve Jobs' death. Here in Canada, his reputation is not as well-known than in California. It's almost illogical that Apple became that behemoth company with such a jerk at its command, isn't it?

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