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Go buy a copy of "Inside Apple" How America's Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works by Adam Lashinsky.

Edward Jones

There's an interesting piece in today's FT by John Kay (also on his personal) site around the fallacy of composition - in re-reading your piece tonight it seems there are parallels between the points made here and in Kay's article - sometimes decomposition misses the point that it's a system, not a collection of parts. One question around Apple - was it designed that way or did it happen and then get refined?

George Lehman

Adam and Bob, thanks for the further clarification regarding the book. It looks interesting enough that we have ordered it sight unseen as on of the texts for our MBA course on understanding changes in information technology

Celebrate Success

Sounds like a great book! I'd love to read it sometime. It sounds like Adam Lashinsky really gets in there.


That sounds great and everything; and I am an apple fan. But, I wouldn't work for them unless I was having fun and getting paid alot - everybody wants that.

Adam Lashinsky

Adam Lashinsky here, and I can comment to George Lehman. The negative reviews he is referring to indeed are to the e-book that was published in May and sold for 99 cents. It is my original article in Fortune, and we sold it for 99 cents at a time it was not available on the web site. Some readers felt understandably misled that they were getting a book, not a magazine article, though in fairness this was not priced as a book. Please rest assured that the BOOK Bob reviewed is a new work, published next week but already available in hard cover at many book stores and from online booksellers, including Amazon. The e-book will be released Jan. 25. Thanks a million.

Bob Sutton

George, thanks. Two things. First, I just went to Amazon and it says it is shipping and gave me a price of I think 16.43. Second, yes, there was prior article, but this goes miles deeper. It digs into many nuances and angles that are not in the book, and also offers more implications for other companies and more analysis. I have read both, and that is an unfair thing to say, and I suspect it mostly comes from people who have not read both. There is a lot there.

George Lehman

Bob, I went to Amazon to order this book and got a "Pricing information not available" message. I also saw lots of negative reviews suggesting the the books was really a glorified magazine article.
Is the book in the middle of some sort of expansion/revision?
I liked your review and would like to see the book.

Kartik Kumar

I appreciate your honest opinon of this book, inlcuding your view that Apple isn't the place you would like to work or, as you put it "an awful place to work". And I am forever mindful of the fact that you are entitled to your opinion and respect that. What I would like to say is that "fear" is in the mind. A pursuit for excellence, the pursuit of utter simplicity and beauty, the desire to be a cut above, the need to be mesmermized by the product and the absence of any room for mediorcity cannot be learnt (in most cases) and is innate. That mindset has no room for fear, except a fear of failing oneself. It drives a person and pushes you towards as close to perfect as you can get. I get that and understand it completely. Jobs was right in saying the journey is the reward. I would go one step further and say achievement is but a happy by-product of that journey. The thirst for excellence produces confidence. I would question whether it leads to "spending days in fear and paranoia", becuase in my mind there is no room for fear or paranoia in the quest for perfection, excellence and genius.

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