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My name is Adnan Alkadyy I'm from Egypt, I would like to clarify a point may have forgotten the author

The success of any leader does not depend on team work, and the elements of his character, and the work will be done only

Of course there are factors that help him do the right target in the correct location

Restaurants Pizza Hut made ​​Indian flavors in Arab countries simply have failed to tell him and also a product called P.Zone

May have succeeded in many ways but have failed in SOME>> you says you should begin to achieve your goal even without the study


This guy speaks very well, but in reality the only reason his 'businesses' are sucessful are that they serve cheap food at at cheap price. There is no need for a great intellectual business philosophy: just serve the shit to the shit.

Mike Brown

I like "We are a company that believes in recognition, and that means recognizing both good and bad behavior." When it comes to bad behavior - What we permit, we promote. We owe it to our people to create the most productive environment we can - and that starts with calling out the Bad Apples.

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