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How do you differentiate between being involved in the implementation and being a micro-manager? I've been micromanaged before so I tend to be more hands off with my team, but how do you know if you need to be more hands-on? Is it a subtle, learned skill or can you accurate measure and course-correct?

Christina Krenek

Love this post, spot on! I completely agree that the daily detail-oriented people of the organization don't get enough praise compared to the office superstars and grand leaders.

I recently read an article disucssing the importance being emotionally intellegent leaders, and shares the Top 10 Emotionally-Intellegent Fortune 500 CEOs - here's the article if you want to check it out


This is especially true (I think) in academia, where you are expected to have found a lectureship within the first 5 - 7 years of gaining your PhD. And if you haven't, then you probably have to get out of academia all together. There is no role for the career post doc who just wants to spend their days in the lab churning out data and that is a crying shame.

Mary Jo Asmus

Thanks Bob, for this post. Some of the little things that get forgotten by "visionary" leaders include respect, kindness, listening to others, inclusion.....the list goes on. The little things that have to do with how leaders (no matter their role in the organization) treat people matter a great deal to the success of an organization.

Mike Sporer

Wow, Bob...this nails it! After all of the rhetoric and words and books written.......the final result, rubber to the road, is what matters. Alan Mulally of Ford comes to mind...his vision is clear and actionable. He leads with a degree of humility...the knows he is nothing more than a facilitator. I watched his interaction with Stanford students; he is a down-to-earth leader....


Pretty trite nonsense. Populist stick it to the man type of rhetoric.


I agree totally that "One of the worst effects is that too many "leaders" fancy themselves as grand strategists and visionaries and who are above the "little people" that are charged with refining and implementing those big and bold ideas. These exalted captains of industry develop the grand vision for the product, the film, the merger, or whatever -- and leave the implementation to others"

Nice post, well worth the read.

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