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Hi Bob! I've really enjoyed reading your blog in the past year or so. This story made me think about Jim Harbaugh (who seems to be kind of the polar opposite of Howland) & the effect he's had on the teams he's coached. Do you know anything about his style relative to the topics you've covered here & in your books on leadership? I really, really hope he writes a book someday that goes into more detail than he's shared openly about his philosophy of leading & running a team!


Showing my age, but I was at Caltech during the end of the Wooden era (and played basketball)

Telling point?
Howland's offense allows more freelancing (er, everybody gets to shoot) than Wooden's (IIRC) Wooden's system focused on his superstars but within a disciplined structure.

However, Howland and too many other coaches are paradoxically hard on mistakes. I remember one of Wooden's young players had 10 assist and 0 turnovers. Wooden's only-half-joking response was that the player didn't make enough mistakes. No turnovers = insufficient risk-taking.

Freelancing + extreme risk-avoidance or highly structured + risk-acceptance? I know which system I'd prefer (and in no universe would I be a star, LOL)

[OK, and how many coaches were happy that his team would go to Grateful Dead concerts ;) ]

p.s. If he can get superstars to gel (at one point, he had EIGHT 1st team Parade All-Americans on his roster) now that's a great discussion in and of itself. Thoughts?


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