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Sue Bock

Like myself, any breast cancer survivor/thriver can share that perspective with you. Nice to know there is research to support it.

Sue Bock


Hi Bob! Thanks for the shout out! It is certainly interesting and as Chip noted, it was certainly my experience. (One quick note, I am Chris "Barry")

Chip Overclock

At risk of TMI: between the ages of 50 to 55 (where I am now) I lost several long time colleagues, family, and good friends: cancer, stroke, accidents, old age, and in one tragic case murder. There is nothing like a sense of your own mortality to give you a sense of priorities. Now I work less, volunteer more, write more, donate more, keep an eye out for opportunities to teach and to give back, and sure as heck feel more appreciation for my spousal unit of twenty-eight years. It's a shame that I had to lose so many of those important in my life for that to happen. But I'd like to think that they would approve of the effect their deaths had on me.

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