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Californians don't like to pay taxes for services which have benefits that accrue to the public at large. It's a part of their wild west gold prospector heritage.

California doesn't have to have good public schools to have educated people. They have Silicon Valley and Hollywood which attract great people (educated on somebody else's nickel) from all over the world to work there. And California has the best weather in the world too which helps to attract those people.

By the way, scaling up the "excellence" of the charter school system will hit the brick wall called the "Central Limit Theorem", at which point they will look like a really expensive public school system. Why is this? Because charter schools don't have to take any students that they don't want. That allows them to manage their costs and produce great looking results at low cost. On the other hand, the public school system cannot reject anybody, which removes a degree of freedom or two in their ability to control costs. As charter schools scale up, the quality of their inputs (students, teachers, administrators, physical plant) will start looking more and more like the public system.

Charter schools market their value as entities which have superior and efficient education processes, but I don't think that the excellence in charter schools comes from much more than their ability to manage their inputs. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Bryan Baldwin

It is indeed a tragedy, and one we will end up paying much more for in the long run than the short term expenses. So what are, as you say, the right things? For me that means I'm willing to pay more taxes to fund them. Not everyone feels that way.

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