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How sad. As someone coming into industry as a second career, after human services and education, I find it very depressing that what should be a fundamental assumption underlying conduct for anyone anywhere, is "rare wisdom" and has to be highlighted and reiterated for ostensibly intelligent people in leadership positions. It's really quite pathetic that these notions have to be hammered at so relentlessly just to stay pace with the overwhelming narcissism of the culture we are tolerating. Shame on us.


Important Word Respect. Thanks for highlighting this valuable article Bob, this is exactly where some in authority, in a hiearchy, lack wisdom, and the organization suffers.


Love it, Bob. Wish we could get B-school deans to think this way.

Bob, I also like Corner Office and loved the Templeton interview. (I am posting tomorrow on The Mistake Bank about his story of regaining the CEO spot after being demoted.)

He seems like a fascinating guy and someone I'd like to work for. It also says something that he has been CEO for more than 12 years.

regards, John

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