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Thank you for this early "insight look" into the book, Bob.


Kurt Sandholtz

This book is going on my Christmas list, Bob. Interesting that Catmull and other computer graphics pioneers (Alan Kay, John Warnock, Jim Clark, etc.) are alumni of the University of Utah Computer Science Department, during a time when graphics gurus Dave Evans and Ivan Sutherland were there. (Here's a full list of the U of U alumni, almost a who's who of the field: Many also worked for Evans & Sutherland in its early days, when it defined the commercial field of cutting-edge computer graphics. Could it be that creative companies often spring from creative university departments?



Thanks so much. I THINK I fixed it.


Brian Rosen

Minor detail, but you might want to adjust the blog settings (or the image) so the book cover comes out in the correct aspect ratio. Right now it's squished in the horizontal direction, which makes Buzz's silhouette look pinched and thin. Wouldn't be a big deal, but since you specifically call out the cover design, would be great to show it in its best light! (No need to make this comment public, it's just for you...)

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