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Apart from Orbiting the giant hairball I have read the rest. It is a really nice article. These books are really meant for tomorrows leaders.

Karen Gonsalves - Editorial Board |

Software Team Lead

I know this is an updated list, but I wanted to add "How to Win Friends & Influence People". It is a classic. I listed a few more that helped me with my leadership characteristics.

Antra Dangar

Nice article, very well written. Thanks for sharing great information. :)

Vivek Shah

I enjoy it.. And I thank u very



Thanks for updating the list, Dr. Sutton. I appreciate your insights. Not sure if it was your Thought Leaders podcast with Ed Catmull that turned me on to Creativity Inc, but what a wonder! I have listened to the book nearly three times now and am implementing several concepts for my Elementary School (I'm a Principal) and our District. Somewhere you mentioned that in reviewing the book you stated that Mr. Catmull did not make his own part clear enough. Isn't that the truth? The man is so humble the book reads as if everything at Pixar happened because of other people and he was just along for the ride. His wisdom is understated, but his humility is genuine. I also appreciated his relationship with Steve Jobs. I was having a hard time appreciating Jobs' style and contribution until reading how he did learn from early leadership mistakes (The Lisa, for example) and, especially at Pixar, used his prodigious business skills to bolster the talent that Catmull had harnessed.

I've read 6 of the books on your list and will be taking a good, hard look at some of the others. I would agree with Chris Fry that Path Between the Seas is an amazing story about leadership at the macro and micro level. The contrasting leadership styles on site of the Panama Canal are a lesson study in themselves. I would encourage readers of that book to get The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It details the rise to power, the relationship of Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, and their connection to early 20th century journalism. The contrast to these two very distinct leadership styles is fascinating and there are lessons of success and failure to learn from both men.

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