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Thanks for pointing out the typos, it is a lifetime affliction. I type badly, spell badly, and don't see typos well. My kids can't believe I have basically been writing for a living for over 35 years!

Stay on me, I need all the help I can get


Steven Raft

Great stuff, love your work!...I don't normally nit about posts but there are numerous typos that someone proofing your blog post should have caught:
1. the platform jsut makes
2. Students learn the question on the very first day if class...
3. although a lot of MBAs do take out classes...
4. So while there always bumps along the way

Bob T

I have no doubt that a live class by you is far more beneficial than any online program. Unfortunately, not every professor is Bob Sutton and not every institution is Stanford.

My undergraduate days were pure drudgery. With the exception of a fascinating 300-person geology course, my professors were completely uninspiring. I was a business major, but considered changing to geology solely because of this particular “rocks-for-jocks” professor. That’s how hungry I was for quality leadership and instruction in the classroom.

I recently received my MBA online. There were certainly drawbacks regarding the limited human interaction of my post-grad education. But given my undergraduate experience I feel that I obtained about 80% of an in-person MBA education at about 20% of the cost. Where have we seen those numbers before?

There is no doubt that you will take the best of what technology has to offer in order to increase you students’ learning. Unfortunately, your desire to bring forth such quality is not typical throughout much of the rest of academia (or government, corporations, institutions, …).

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